To the 2% of you that are Empaths (which is what I am), you are energetically affected by other people’s emotions and wounds – you sense and feel them. Guess what? We have come here at this time to assist in healing other people’s wounds.

This is a gift, but it can also be a curse, if you don’t know how to harness the feelings that come along with it.

Learning first whose energy you’re feeling and then how to shield yourself from these energies when you want to do that, is vital.  That is what’s an important key to getting off the emotional rollercoaster which comes along with your amazing gifts.

The first step to dealing with all the different energies and emotions coming your way getting trained in how to energy-scan your body.

I found it also significant to get in touch with your Inner Guides. Once you develop a relationship with your Guides, you can ask them, “Is this me, or am I feeling others’ energies and emotions?” With practice, you can get more accurate answers.

Next, it’s time to get grounded! What is “grounding,” you might ask? Grounding is bringing up the energy from the core of the Earth, so you’re not so scattered or lost; you can then function from a more connected place. Because we tend to feel everyone else’s emotions, we must get grounded.

Being an Empath, you will have a deeper connection with the Earth than most people. By learning how to ground and know whose energy you’re feeling, is the only way to feel you’re not going out of your mind. That is a huge advantage for you.

Sending the lower-level energies into the Earth, where they can “burn up,” then bringing forth the positive vibrations into your being from deep within the Earth or (from the Heavens above), can be transformational. Empaths have the ability to do this.

Here is a grounding exercise I like to use:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or lying down.
  • Slowly take in a few deep breaths and slowly let them out.
  • Imagine a warm, beautiful golden light coming from Source and into the crown of your head.
  • Imagine that light filling you and moving down your body.
  • Feel that warm golden light move down your torso to your legs and feet.
  • Take your awareness to the base of the spine.
  • Imagine a beautiful ball of light made of high vibrational frequency energy in the very center of the earth.
  • Imagine energy cords or tree roots coming out of the base of your spine going all the way down to the core of the earth (called Mother Earth by Native Americans.)
  • Feel your energy cords or tree roots circling around the core of the earth, securing you in the earth energy and at the same time creating stability.
  • Sense that loving powerful earth energy coming up through the earth’s crust into your feet, legs, torso, and your entire body.
  • Feel yourself connected to this powerful source of living, loving energy. Feel its aliveness in you.

You can also sit on the Earth and meditate, or sit under a tree and breathe in the tree energy into you. Since the tree is connected to the Earth, you receive grounding from tree energy as well.

When we ground, we have a much better chance to function from our heart, gut and head in a more sensible, peaceful way. This enables us to make better decisions and feel more serenity.

As an Empath, it is imperative that you shield from the lower-level energies. Shielding is just as it sounds; you can imagine you are covered in a coat of white light or angelic energy all around you. Imagine releasing any lower-level energy.

Clearing your own negative energy is also important. If you have negative feelings that you’re experiencing, you must take the time to clear them. Go to a place that brings you peace (maybe back to that tree) and do some breathing techniques. EFT, EMDR, hypnosis and energy work all are healing as well. I love working on these techniques with people.

Being an Empath myself gives me unique insights into sensing what clients are going through and how to turn it around for them.  I have done this work for 35+ years. So, if you are needing any help, please call me at (818) 782-6869, or email me at

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