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    Colors in Space series. Artistic abstraction composed of colorful clouds and space elements on the subject of art, creativity, imagination, science and design
    Multi-Dimensional Healing

    Be prepared for the changes that the year will bring. As the year has progressed many people will feel chaotic emotions as they go through immense changes and energetic shifts.

    Join The Council and me, in an Introduction to Multi-Dimensional Healing Group. We will help to facilitate Opening Your Heart & Awakening Your Power to bring you to a higher place to find your highest good. We will assist in restoring the balance of the Divine Feminine and The Diving Masculine Energy inside.

    Come and be guided in our twice-monthly meetings as we cover different topics. Let us guide you in ways to release your outdated fears and turn them into the Power, Passion, Prosperity, and Purpose to drive your life forward. Bring in Love and Calm as you transform.

    After sharing our information and performing a brief process, we will open the floor for readings, sharing, and questions. Providing you the opportunity to transform your issues with those who are equally seeking healing and to upgrade their life.

    "You will learn how to create effective affirmations, and how to rid your energetic field of emotions that bother you – in fact, may have bothered you most of your life. Angels, Spirit, and Spirit Guides also attend. You will be richer on all levels during this class, while you apply your lessons.”

    Bob Rumph

    Annual Events

    Winter Solistice Ritual

    This is a special time for Awakening and Creating. During the busy time of the holidays, one often finds more stress than you can deal with. Take the time to calm and center yourself. This is a time to reflect on your past year and discover what is wanting to be born.

    The Winter Solstice marks the coming out of the darkness and entering into the light, from conception into birthing our creations and desires for the next year.

    A few years ago, one of my clients stated during a Winter Solstice Ritual, “Be very careful what you ask for. Last year, I asked to have the money so I could buy a new car and a condo and to drastically change my relationship so I can feel good. This past year, all 3 of those things came true for me!”

    Burn away the old and prepare to embrace the new as we celebrate the beginning of rebirth in the world! Form your creation goals with us to build and improve your life throughout the coming year.

    At this time of year, there is an opening of the portal into the Universal Quantum Field of Creativity and Power. This makes it so much easier to raise your vibrational energy output in the direction you truly desire.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to know in your bones that the Universe is with you and has your back . . . no matter what’s happening?