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Helaine Harris

Multi-Sensory Intuitive Healer
Certified Spiritual Business Coach

Supporting Your Soul's Journey
To Shape Your Desired Life

The Universe is on your side.

Even if you aren’t feeling it in this moment.

I help people reconnect with the Divine.

Being connected with Spirit is a bit of a dance.

As dance partners, you move together to the music of life. It’s beautiful and in sync. Your feet fall into common rhythm with relative ease.

Sometimes you realize opportunities find you. Your relationships are in harmony. Life just feels good.


But then all of a sudden,
something changes.


On the way to the interview for the job you’ve always wanted, you’re rear-ended by a minivan and miss the appointment. Just when you’re about to land a big client, you get a call that your dad is back in the hospital and you leave the meeting before closing the deal. You thought your marriage was doing well, and then your spouse tells you otherwise, blindsiding you.

You thought whatever was happening was ‘meant to be’… and then when it falls apart, you question yourself and your divine connection. All the support you thought you had, feels like it’s suddenly gone.

The truth is, in these sacred moments . . .


You are being called deeper into the Great Mystery.

In these moments when it feels as if your Divine connection has been broken, I work on the level of energy, belief and emotion to get at what’s underneath. Then I guide you to transform the energy of that root issue. From there, I give simple tools to restore and maintain your Divine connection, no matter what’s going on.

Colors in Space series. Artistic abstraction composed of colorful clouds and space elements on the subject of art, creativity, imagination, science and design

Why choose me as your guide?

Hello, dear one. I’m Helaine. In my 40-plus years of doing this work, I have "seen it all" -- the good, the bad, the intense -- so rest assured: You’ve found the right person to support you. Whatever is going on in your life -- The energy, emotions and mindset, can be transformed. My formal training in Educational Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy provides the foundation for my current work in healing, shamanism, coaching and energy work.

All of my work and play with clients is designed so you can Love You, Embrace Your Power and Love Your Life. 

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I am awestruck by your powerful insight, intuition, and ability to uncover the core issues that prevent us from living up to our full potential for happiness and fulfillment. Within a matter of minutes, you detected and articulated what I haven't been able to figure out, AND you provided me with solutions for healing the dissonance within me.

Evie. M.

With sensitivity and wisdom, Helaine skillfully weaves together just the right healing tools for rapid results. I feel seen, heard, and understood as obstacles release and I feel empowered.

Toni. C.

Over the past 12 years of my journey, you have been one of my most profound teachers!

Diane. J.

I've experienced many channeling sessions and intuitive counseling sessions, both in person and distance, and my session with Helaine was among the best. After that strategy session my business exploded for the following 5 months, which was wonderful and appreciated.

Kerry. L

After our session yesterday, I felt that a burden was lifted and that I can now reclaim my motivation and creative ability.

Amanda. R

I feel lighter and more optimistic about moving forward in my mission.

Louise C.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to know in your bones that the Universe is with you and has your back . . . no matter what’s happening?

How Does Helaine's work with the Divine Assist You?

  • You raise your vibrational frequency.
  • Any negative beliefs can effortlessly be transformed.
  • New Energetic Imprints are created instead of living from the old patterns.
  • Trust your intuitive ability to make better decisions.
  • Your charisma attracts your people to you.
  • Money flows more easily to you when doing the work you love.
  •  Relax more fully into your True Essence with a blanket of love around you.
  • Now you can direct your Life Force Energy for increasing vitality, creativity, better health and JOY.

If what you read resonates with you, I’d love to find a time to talk and explore working together.