The Universe has your back

even if you aren't feeling it in this moment.

In order to truly love yourself, you need healing and training.

Then, you can reach your highest potential, get the income and life you desire and resonate with Success Energy, using your own unique gifts.

I'm Helaine Harris

I help people connect with the Divine, so they can flow more easily into energetic resonance, to get their answers directly from the Universe.

Do any of these questions fit you?

Are you unsure about your path in life?

Are you feeling stuck or that you don’t fit in?

Are you experiencing overwhelm, stress or fear about money?

Do your relationships suck?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then:

It's time for you

To get healing and training to be able to Love yourself more deeply, so you can reach your highest potential, the income and the life you desire by resonating with Success Energy and your own unique gifts.

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and benefit from her intuitive abilities.

Here is the Change I facilitate for my clients. They are able to:

  • Stand up and speak up for themselves;
  • Open to love more than they have before, so they accomplish more and trust their capabilities;
  • Recognize when they are being mistreated, so they can change the situation or leave it;
  • Allow themselves to play more and enjoy life;
  • Have a greater sense of their own unique gifts.
  • Learn how to ask for and get what they want.
  • Create a more pleasurable and balanced life.

I help people reconnect with the Divine.

You are being called
Deeper into the great Mystery

In these moments when it feels as if your Divine connection has been broken, I work on the level of energy, belief and emotion to get at what’s underneath. Then I guide you to transform the energy of that root issue. From there, I give simple tools to restore and maintain your Divine connection, no matter what’s going on.

Why choose me as your Guide?

In my 40+ years of doing this work, I have “seen it all – The good, the bad, the intense. So rest assured, you have found the right person to support you. Whatever is going on in your life, the energy, the emotions, mindset and physical experience can be transformed. My formal training in Educational Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy and being a licensed Psychotherapist in California, provides the foundation for my current work in healing, shamanism, coaching and energy work.

Being trained in numerous modalities, I tailor the healing/therapy for my clients, so they receive the most powerful level of transformation needed at that time.

My focus with clients is designed so you can
Love You, Embrace Your Power and Love Your Life.

Sign up for a 45-minute Free Consultation with Helaine

and benefit from her intuitive abilities.