20% of people are Highly Sensitive Souls and 2% are Empaths, which is what I am. From experience, I can tell you, this can be a double-edged sword. You have special abilities, but without having the proper training to deal with them, they can overtake you mentally and emotionally, so you are often a wreck.

Sensitives and Empaths are more connected to the invisible realm that most people are not even aware exists. We are connected to the world of energy inside our body, in others and in the world around us.

For many sensitives, the world can seem so difficult, that they hide because they get drained, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Keep in mind that all empaths are Sensitives, but not all Sensitives are Empaths.

Highly-sensitive people are affected by others’ energies. We are in a time where many people hide or block their emotions and a Highly Sensitive Soul usually has much greater compassion and wisdom of the inner world and of those around them.

If you are an Empath, you are energetically affected by other people’s emotions and wounds – you sense and feel them. Empaths often know they are feeling something, but it may not be your own energy; it could be the energy of the people around you. This has been happening to me more during the pandemic, because there are so many people that are struggling in my neighborhood. I have to shield their energy, in order to not go down the rabbit hole with them.

All is not lost though, even if you have old constrictive beliefs. Now there are amazing tools accessible for you to release the strangle hold on your energy system, so that your brilliance, your gifts and your knowing can Shine.

With what is going on in the world right now, it is important for all you sensitives and empaths to commit to working with your gifts in the best way possible, so they work for you and not against you!

Here are a few things you can do as a gift to yourself, to help shift your instinctual reactions to your sensitive and empathic abilities:

❤️ Foundation and Grounding

Open to earth energy. Earth and Mother Earth become our friend. Earth energy is lower in our body and calmer, so for stressed out sensitives, we need the quiet peacefulness of earth grounding. For all Sensitives, grounding is a necessity.

❤️ Opening Your Heart to Spirit and Greater Self-Love

It is essential to raise your vibrational frequency. This is incredibly important, so you move to higher levels and energetic frequencies. Meditation is key for this. While meditating, notice the issues blocking your heart from opening to deeper levels of Love. We want to expand to Big Love.


❤️ Know Your Energy System    


Access your energy. Sit down, get quiet, then scan your energy body. Where do you feel stressed and tight? Where are you relaxed? This is called Body Message Interpretation, a system for interpreting the messages from your body and from your Guides. Practice using your incredibly special energy to picture manifesting what you want in your life. Notice how your body feels when you do this.

❤️    Energetic Protection


This is keeping others out of your energy body when you so desire. Work on opening more fully to your Guides and Intuition. Also, learn to trust your own knowing. You can also practice what is called Cord Cutting, which is about cutting the cords to any negative energies such as energy vampires and narcissists. You need to develop good and strong boundaries that don’t let anyone cross them unless you choose to let them in.


❤️  Self-Care Tools and What They Do For You


Taking care of yourself MUST come first. Otherwise, you will be completely drained, exhausted and find yourself becoming irritable.  Keep in mind an empty shell has little to give. This is one of the hardest things for most empaths and sensitive souls to do. As you begin taking better self-care, your energy increases, you feel more fulfilled and you’re more conscious of who is good for you and also who isn’t to let into your energy body.

❤️  Tools to Shift Your Energy No Matter the Circumstances

Initially the focus should be on releasing any of your stuck energies, emotions, beliefs or thought patterns. As you go about healing yourself, you also help others. Doing this work also assists you in increasing your intuitive abilities.

Being both a Sensitive Soul and an Empath gives me unique insights into this. I have worked with this for over 35 years. So, if you are needing any help, please call me at (818) 782-6869, or email me at healing@hzharris.com.

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