Money Set Point Elevation Program

Developing Financial Freedom

Class Starts April 26ᵗʰ

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This has been a rough couple of years money-wise for most people and for many, their income has decreased. On top of that, the cost of food and gas has gone way up and is even going higher!

So, what are you to do?

I know you are wanting and needing to increase your income and go beyond any money you have brought in before. You are aching for financial freedom, so you can live a more comfortable, peaceful life. I have worked in this area for over 30 years with clients and have developed numerous programs about increasing income.

First, I want to remind you of a few basics:


When you feel down and scared, your finances will dip even more.


The secret to prosperity is: IT IS AN INSIDE JOB!


To raise your income, you must commit to evolving beyond your past patterns.

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The choice that helps you is Self-Love and choosing to experience spiritual love, abundance and MONEY.

I found it’s essential to

TRANSFORM any issues in your way of that!

Here is what is included in the Money Set Point Elevation Program:


3 Private 30-Minute Sessions with Helaine.

The normal charge is $250 for a 30-minute session. On top of the Program, you get this very valuable time to change your life with Helaine.

Foundation and Goal Setting with the Divine
  • Prosperity Assessment
  • The Importance of Intentions
  • Making a Commitment to YOU
  • Meet Your Prosperity Council
  • Daily Meditation with Your Guides to Sculpt Your Day
Identifying Sabotaging Beliefs to Greater Income
  • Release Sabotaging Family Beliefs About Money
  • Your Partnership Contract with Spirit
  • Gratitude and Positive Evidences Journal
  • Empowering Affirmations to Increase Money
Releasing Inner Conflicts About Manifesting Abundance
  • Loving You = More Money
  • Getting Clear on Your Money Relationship
  • How Prosperity Conflicts Impact Your Income
  • Releasing Issues About Increasing Money
Embracing Your Money Shadow
  • Your Money Shadow and the Effect on You
  • Transforming Your Money Shadow
  • Building Greater Prosperity Consciousness
  • Creating an Abundant Vibration Frequency
Elevating Your Money Set Point
  • Loving You and Valuing Money
  • Be a Money Magnet
  • Elevating Your Money Set Point
  • Creating Your New Relationship with Money
  • Processes to Keep It Going and Growing

What Makes This Program Special

In addition to the program material, Helaine will use her intuitive abilities to tune into your energy body and explore what is the biggest issue, belief, or situation you’re holding onto that is preventing you from Elevating Your Money Set Point.

We will also be using group energy to raise the energetic frequency together. Your presence and energy involvement has an effect on the entire group. Thus, when someone shares what they want to get from the program or the amount they want to increase their income to, we all hold that intention as well for that person. Your personal energy makes a difference. This will also increase the group’s energetic frequency.

You will be sent a Money Set Point Assessment. Additionally, there will be handouts to read, work through and/or review valuable concepts that affect finances. The material is designed so you can continue the practices on your own. This way, you create new and more positive habits.

This program really involves a commitment to make a transformation. What needs to change are the beliefs and energy you have used to consciously and especially UNCONSCIOUSLY, hold you back. Your changes and transformation increase exponentially when you do the processes on your own, as well as with me. This is your opportunity to actually renovate your foundation to Develop Your Financial Freedom.

This Program is For You If:

This Program is Not for You If:

What Clients Say About Helaine

"We all have guides. Yes, including one of my most important, the amazing Helaine! And she has taught me how to really connect and use the wisdom of my guides, angels and intuition to benefit first my relationships, then business and overall life"
Jill Lawrence
Happy Client
"Helaine is a life-saver. I needed a therapist to help me though a very difficult time in my life personally and professionally and I also wanted someone who understood and incorporated energy work and the spiritual aspects of well-being - that's Helaine!"
Tanna Marshall
Happy Client

Ask Helaine a Question About This Program and/or Whether It Is Right for You

If you have questions about this program, please email us at: with your question: Money Set Point Question in the subject line. 

What You Receive with This Program:

5 Live 90-Minute Group Sessions with Helaine on Zoom

Video Recordings of Each Module.

Audio Recordings of Each Module.

3 Private 30-Minute Sessions with Helaine

Intuitive Guidance on opening the pathway to your abundance

Increasing Self-Love so you resonate at a higher frequency

You Become a Money Magnet.

Value = $2400


Breathing Processes

Handouts for each of the classes

Email access with Helaine’s private email address

Value = $575


1 Hour Private Session with Helaine

Value = $500

Your Investment

Full Pay

Becomes $625 after 4/18
$ 575
Best Choice


Becomes $375 each payment after 4/18
$ 333

Money Set Point Elevation Program

Developing Financial Freedom | Class Starts April 26th

Helaine Harris, MA

Intuitive Business Coach, Shamanic Healing Methods and Spiritual Advisor

Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT, has been doing Shamanic Journey work for over 35 years. She inspires spiritualpreneurs to transform challenges into Power in their life and business. She loves assisting clients called to BE and DO MORE. She is a healer who utilizes shamanic methods and is a psychotherapist in California. She can instantly identify what a client’s next step is in their business, love life or health and guide them through it. Helaine is brilliant in helping to heal heart wounds and guides one in awakening their power in a balanced way. She has over 35 years-experience and founded An Awakening Center™, which blends 45+ modalities and trains interns, healers, psychotherapists and coaches. She is the author of the award-winning book Are You In Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game. Helaine has also co-authored the book, Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose, which hit #1 on International Amazon. Helaine facilitates clients to transmute issues preventing greater love, abundance and success.