No need to pack your bags; let’s take a journey together.
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How to Journey Without Traveling:

Heal Yourself From the Inside Out

Doing shamanic journeys are exciting and life-changing experiences. It takes us into the depths of our being so we can more easily recognize what’s getting in the way of living the Divine life that is meant for us. 
We go on a Shamanic Journey to find answers, healing, information and Inner Wisdom! This is important when we know the things we are currently doing aren’t working in our favor. 

Are You Living Through This?

Those are the things I’ve experienced and have seen change dramatically in many people from this sacred work.

What Clients Get Out of This Experience:

Together, we’ll do a journey to shift one of your fears (Even if you have shifted one fear before – you know there are other fears in your way.)

You can select any area where you have been experiencing fear. We will explore this area with your Guides, Angels and your Inner Shaman (even if you don’t know you have one – But you do.)

Join us for this FREE transforming  adventure into the depths of your being and release a fear issue on April 13th!



Wednesday, April 13

I’m really looking forward to you experiencing this Shamanic Journey with me!

Helaine Harris, LMFT, has been doing Shamanic Journey work for over 35 years. She inspires spiritualpreneurs to transform challenges into Power in their life and business. She loves assisting clients called to BE and DO MORE. She is a healer who utilizes shamanic methods, and is a multisensory intuitive business coach, psychotherapist and author: Are You In Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game. Helaine has co-authored the book, Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose, which hit #1 on International Amazon. With her training in 40+ techniques, Helaine facilitates clients to bring greater love, abundance and success into their lives.