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Are You Ready to Manifest Money Magic?

If so, then it is time to

Clearing the Way to Prosperity

Even though the economy In this current economic climate, many people are struggling and feeling concerned about money issues. Perhaps you’ve had some thoughts like these: “I’m so worried that I can’t pay my bills;” or “I’m making some money, but I still don’t have enough!” I learned how to increase my own income after losing most of my retirement money. Believe me, I’ve been where you are. I created several programs to help you the way they have helped me Manifest Money Magic™.

Here is a sample of the important secrets to growing and increasing prosperity:

  • Secret #1 – Opening to the Universe or Spirit (whatever word you prefer) is the first step.
  • Secret #2 – Listening to the recording: Releasing Your Abundance Blocks
  • Secret #3 – Meeting your Prosperity Guide by using the recording.
  • Secret #4 – There are many areas you can ask for assistance on from your Prosperity Guide.
For example:
  • – What do I need to do to increase my income now?
  • – What is most important to do first?.
  • – What is really in my way that I need to transform or release?
  • – What is my next step?
  • – There are many more suggestions in your manual.
  • Secret #5 – Explore and release any of the issues that are in your way of creating prosperity.
Learn more of the other important secrets and steps in this program. I have created a package to guide you in the process of creating money and financial security.

Here is What You Will Receive…

  • Recording of Release Abundance Blocks Value $33
  • Recording of Meet Your Prosperity Guide Value $33
  • Meet Your Prosperity Guide Manual Value $54
  • This is the beginning of shifting your money story into one that serves you better. By looking at and releasing old beliefs, feelings and patterns, you are ready to embrace prosperity!

  • Prosperity Breakthrough Session Value $500
  • At the end of the manual, you will find information on having a Private Prosperity Breakthrough Session with Helaine. These sessions are powerful and transformative. Sign up for your session as soon as you feel ready. It will even enhance the work in the manual and the MP3.

Total Value of Program $620

Let Your Spirit Soar – Create Greater Prosperity and Money for YOU!

“I thoroughly enjoyed my strategy session with Helaine. She is amazingly insightful and tuned in. I’ve experienced many channeling sessions and intuitive counseling sessions, both in person and distance, and my session with Helaine was among the best. After that strategy session my business exploded for the following 5 months, which was wonderful and appreciated. Helaine is delightful and helpful. Someone I turn to when I’m wanting a boost.”

Kerry Leigh,

(505) 453-5853

Actualize Your Health!

“You will enjoy and greatly benefit from the prosperity seminar. This will teach you the energetic foundations behind prosperity, and from different dimensions. In fact, it teaches the energetic underpinnings of life. . .”


Bob Rumph
“In a three month period of time working with Helaine, I tripled my income. I didn’t think it could be done. All I had to do was make two important changes.”
David Dittmar

Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT License #MF15327, PCE #5761

Multisensory Intuitive Business Coach, Shamanic Healer and Psychotherapist
Helaine, empowers heart-centered spiritualpreneurs to transform their life and business so it reflects their authentic self and their values. Now she focuses on assisting clients to magnetize love, abundance and the right clients or job to them. Helaine is an intuitive business coach, healer, psychotherapist and founder of An Awakening Center, which blends over 45 traditional and alternative modalities to assist clients in fulfilling their life’s dream. Her award-winning book Are You in Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game is about the energy dynamics in relationships and how to create more fulfilling relationships, both at work and at home. With her 33 years experience and mastery of energy, Helaine has helped thousands of clients awaken their potential and manifest it in their daily lives.

I am so looking forward to teaching you how to partner with your Intuition and Spirit to increase your business and abundance, while awakening the Real You! This is your time! Break Free of the old shackles to allow your gifts and message to emerge. Let your Spirit Soar!

To Your Success, Love and Joyful Blessings,