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Thriving in the New Normal

“Oh No! We have to go back to wearing masks inside again?” a client was complaining to me. I realized I feel the same way! I’m sick and tired of being so concerned – For me, my family, friends and clients. Along with that, there is so much discord in this country. So many of…

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Self-Care Is Vital to Everything

Does this describe you? You’re running and running to get things done, working on your business or career, feeling exhausted and stressed and are still not where you want to be? Truth is, you are blocking the very prosperity, peace and good you are seeking, because your energy is so tense and anxious. My guess…

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Spinning With Anxiety? Helpful Hints to Calm Yourself

You’re working your butt off, nothing seems to be coming to fruition, you’re exhausted, stressed, not sleeping and wondering if anything is ever going to work out. Maybe, you even have had a panic attack or three. You are spinning out of control, because of anxiety. In this state, you’re not going to be productive…

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So, I’m an Empath. Now What?

To the 2% of you that are Empaths (which is what I am), you are energetically affected by other people’s emotions and wounds – you sense and feel them. Guess what? We have come here at this time to assist in healing other people’s wounds. This is a gift, but it can also be a…

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