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Really start getting results with your own healing and path to your InnerKnowing, by having a ​free “Discovery Breakthrough” Consultation​ with me. We will work on setting this in motion together. If you cannot find atime that suits you on TimeTrade, give us a call at (818) 782-6869.

How to Make the Last Quarter the Best of This Year

Are you in a rut? Do you feel your life is going nowhere or just blah? Maybe overwhelm is a natural state for you these…

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How Your Wounds Become Your Win!

Being here on Earth at this time, you probably have some issues or wounds that need healing in order for your soul to evolve: We…

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Perking Up During a Pandemic Holiday

Perking Up During a Pandemic Holiday The holidays are coming and usually most people feel the warm-fuzzies of being with family, music, decorations and yummy…

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Self-Care for Election Stress Disorder

Self-Care for Election Stress Disorder During this week of the Presidential election, it’s normal to be especially stressed-out. This year, more than any other year,…

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Healing Mother Earth

Divine [FIRST NAME], There are so many more fires and hurricanes going on right now than we’ve ever had on our planet.…

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