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Really start getting results with your own healing and path to your Inner Knowing, by having a ​free “Discovery Breakthrough” Consultation​ with me. We will work on setting this in motion together. If you cannot find a time that suits you on TimeTrade, give us a call at (818) 782-6869.

Goals Will Assist You During This Crazy Time

For many during this pandemic, life is a bit aimless and stressful right now. We are parked on our couches, with a remote in our hand.…

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New Year, New Life, New Goals

As this crazy year comes to a close, many are left disappointed and depressed, even with the potential of the new year. Most people are…

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How to Shift Your Energy – Part 2

Last week I gave you some tips for quickly shifting your energy, to get into a higher place. While these things can alter your mindset…

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How to Shift Your Energy, Part I

It’s easy to get our energy tied in a knot, especially these days, when we are cooped up at home, away from loved ones or…

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What’s Your Vibrational Frequency Number?

Everything in the Universe is energy. The number of your Spiritual vibration tells you how well you’re doing in your life in all five main…

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How Trauma Lives in the Body and How Can We Turn It Around

Have you ever noticed that your neck and shoulders seem chronically tight? Or your stomach tightens up so much especially in difficult situations, that you…

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