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Clearing Lower Chakra Sh*t

If you’ve been feeling less vibrant and energetic, or in an emotional funk, it’s possible that your lower chakras are clogged or stuck. What is a chakra, you might ask? Chakras are an ancient system for understanding your body’s energy. This is something I work with a lot. Just like your pipes, when your lower…

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Goals Will Assist You During This Crazy Time

For many during this pandemic, life is a bit aimless and stressful right now. We are parked on our couches, with a remote in our hand. “90 Day Fiancee” is on your Netflix playlist and sweatpants are the regular attire of the day, because of the 10 pounds you’ve gained. Even though relaxation has its place,…

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New Year, New Life, New Goals

As this crazy year comes to a close, many are left disappointed and depressed, even with the potential of the new year. Most people are very glad to say “goodbye” to 2020. As we embark on the promise of 2021, we need to remember that just because it is a new year, things will not…

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How to Shift Your Energy – Part 2

Last week I gave you some tips for quickly shifting your energy, to get into a higher place. While these things can alter your mindset for a short time, it is important to go much deeper, to actually create real, long-term change. There are a couple of techniques that you can do yourself, so you…

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How to Shift Your Energy, Part I

It’s easy to get our energy tied in a knot, especially these days, when we are cooped up at home, away from loved ones or are with them too much, worrying about our job or business, or just being wistful for the world as we once knew it. Many of us feel like caged animals,…

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