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Goals Will Assist You During This Crazy Time

For many during this pandemic, life is a bit aimless and stressful right now. We are parked on our couches, with a remote in our hand. “90 Day Fiancee” is on your Netflix playlist and sweatpants are the regular attire of the day, because of the 10 pounds you’ve gained.

Even though relaxation has its place, it is honestly getting out of hand, everyone. We need to get a grip. It’s a vicious trap of avoidance and eventually will lead to a lot of fear, panic depression and anxiety. There is a way out of this hole, however . . .

Setting goals is a great way to get you out of that funk and into action.

Having a goal helps trigger new behaviors, helps guide your focus and helps you sustain that momentum in life.

It’s more than a good idea; it’s imperative!

Goals help motivate us and help us organize our thoughts. Setting goals not only inspires us, but can also improve our mental health and our level of personal and professional success. They say success is 80% just showing up. When we are goal setting, we are showing up!

Goals are tools that help us navigate foggy situations. So, when setting a goal, it is important to put pen to paper. When you write something down, it is easier to know what is true for you and what isn’t. Whatever is written becomes real.

A recent study found that those who write down their goals and share their goals with a friend were on average 33% more successful, when it comes to accomplishing their stated goals, compared to those who merely formulate goals in their head.

Clarity is important when it comes to goals. Setting goals that are clear and specific eliminate the confusion that happens when you are setting a generic one.

Commitment is also important. If you don’t commit to your goal with everything you have it is less likely you will achieve it.

It’s important to note that when you do set a goal, it is wiser for it to be an attainable one. Setting a goal that is completely out of reach is a recipe for failure. Everything is baby steps; maybe a goal that feels out of reach now will feel within reach when you work on them one step at a time.

When setting goals, here are some tips to help you get organized:

❤️ Be Specific: Target a specific area for improvement and steps for improvement.

❤️ Why: Why is it important to me?

❤️ Measure Your Goal: It is within reach?

❤️ Realistic: State what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.

❤️ Action: What action will you take to achieve your goal?

❤️ Timeline: Give yourself a reasonable time frame to achieve this goal. Don’t make it too short or too long.

Setting goals is definitely helping in shutting up “the crazy voice inside.” Goals give you a clearer focus and peace of mind, especially when you take the time to actually work on them. This is crucial: You can’t just set a goal and expect it to be fulfilled. Setting the goal is the first step, but getting into action has to be a part of this equation.

You can set a certain amount of time each day to work on your goal. If you set even 15 minutes, for instance, I bet you will spend more time, because once you get into working on it, the juices start to flow, inspiration comes and before you know it, you’ve spent an hour!

As with everything, it’s not the destination; it’s the journey. As long as you’re creating, you are on the right path.

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” ~~ Jim Rohn

So, get out there, write down a goal and start moving in the direction of your dreams!

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