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What’s Your Vibrational Frequency Number?

Everything in the Universe is energy. The number of your Spiritual vibration tells you how well you’re doing in your life in all five main areas of life: wealth, health, work, love, and happiness.

It is good to know where you are at on the vibrational energy scale. It’s hard to change it, if you don’t know where you’re at and what it means.


When we feel down, depressed, angry – we have low vibration. The more fulfilled and joyful we feel – the higher our vibration.

You probably already know that the key to spiritual health is raising your vibrations, but did you know that different emotions have different vibrational frequencies?

hen you embody a higher emotion on the Vibration Scale, your energy frequency will rise; if it is a lower emotion, they will fall. Here’s how the different emotional energies rate on the Vibrational Scale:

20-75hz: Shame, Guilt, Boredom & Anguish

The lowest emotions on the vibrational scale are the ones based around the lower chakras.

When you feel deep hurt about something or what someone else did,or feeling sorry for yourself, sad or depressed, you are at the lowest vibrational frequency.

It can be difficult to climb out of this way of thinking on your own, so getting help to raise your vibration is vital. That’s why you’re reading, right?

100-175hz: Fear, Wanting, Anger & Pride

This set of emotions is around the ego. Unlike the first group, these emotions drive you into action.

Unfortunately, because when people are in these vibrations, they are often rash. This can drive you to making bad decisions, actions and behaviors.

People acting out of fear, uncontrolled desire, anger, or pride frequently make irrational decisions.

On the positive side, however, these vibrations can act as inspiration for higher purposes and progress, so they aren’t entirely negative. It’s your mindset that determines if it’s positive or negative for you.

200-350hz: Courage, Objectivity, Openness & Acceptance

Moving above the 200hz mark, we have rational higher emotions. These emotions are all measured, planned and mostly neutral.

If you have a vibrational frequency above 200hz, then you are probably contributing to the overall raising of humanity’s vibrational frequency – A little.

400-600hz: Motivation, Love, Joy & Peace

These vibrations are about as high as most people go in terms of the frequency of their emotions.

These emotions are supreme and sacred emotions, that vibrate at the highest frequency.

You might want to note that peace outranks love. This is because love is so closely linked with other base emotions; whereas peace is pure in its objective.

Very few people live at this frequency, but in our better moments we can get ourselves to this level. It’s really a process of awakening that raises your energy frequency to higher levels.

700hz: Enlightenment

Enlightenment isn’t quite an emotion, but it is a state of mind – and has the highest vibrational frequency of all.

Very, very few people ever attain this high level of vibrational frequency; but don’t let this deter you. We grow towards it step by step. Accept that being on a spiritual path of awakening brings this possibility closer and closer.

It’s important to become aware of how things affect you vibrationally and do whatever it takes to raise your vibration

Here are a few easy things you can do, to raise your vibrational energy:


❤️ Practice Self-Love - Love yourself no matter where you are.

❤️ Choose Happiness as often as you can

❤️ Live in the Present, not your past or future.
Love - Live with an open heart.
Focus on the Positive day to day - Shift your focus.
Start Believing - Open yourself to possibility.
Practice Gratitude - Be thankful for what you have.
Give - Without expecting anything in return.
Be Kind & Considerate - Always choose this higher vibration.
Practice Forgiveness – It’s for you; not for them.
Connect to Something Higher – Spirit, the Divine, Angels, and even Ascended Masters

Your life expands when you're living in a higher vibrational frequency. When you move up the ladder vibrationally it affects your reality. Then your life begins to flow more easily and richly in many different areas, from your relationships and health, to your career and finances.

I have many techniques to help raise your Vibrational Frequency Scale, if you have trouble raising your energy yourself. I’m always here to help you.

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