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How to Shift Your Energy, Part I

It’s easy to get our energy tied in a knot, especially these days, when we are cooped up at home, away from loved ones or are with them too much, worrying about our job or business, or just being wistful for the world as we once knew it.

Many of us feel like caged animals, waiting for the chance to escape. We are anxious and our thoughts are buzzing around us like bees. You’re not feeling joyful and are a bit “down in the dumps.”

Once we get into this place, our energy is stuck and we start attracting what we are putting out. Such a vicious circle!


When we get into this place, we can shift our energy, lifting ourselves out of the emotional and mental gutter, so we can start to overcome anxiety or depression, get calm and take charge of our life once again.

There are several tools to do this; some quick and easy that you can do on your own.

We’ll get into the more involved tools that take you even deeper and tend to have a more permanent effect next week. But the tools I give you today will help you on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s start easy: Gratitude. You’ve heard it before; you’ll hear it again. But there’s a reason for this. Once you get in touch with what you DO have, instead of centering on what you don’t and what’s wrong, there’s already an energy shift – Even if it is only for a minute. Just think about the fact that you have the eyesight to read this article. Maybe you had delicious French fries for lunch. It can be that little.

Turning your attention away from what is bothering or engulfing you and focusing on something positive creates a lightness of being, even if it’s just for a short time. The times will eventually get longer as you continue healing.

Of course, there are other easy things you can do like affirmations. The good news here is you can say them anywhere: In your car, the shower, a crowded elevator. People might stare, but what do you care? You’re feeling better!

Now for the things that might take a bit more time. They may seem daunting, but the fact that they make you feel so much better instantly and even the thought of doing them makes your energy shift, makes them valuable and worthwhile.

Write down your answers to the following questions:

What do I want for my personal, financial, business and spiritual life? Write your answers as if these things were already accomplished and your dreams met.

Now, what’s your life like? Describe it in the present tense and include as many wonderful details as you can. Try to suspend doubt about how it could possibly happen. Just have fun with it and play along with your unlimited imagination. It is also important that you write this in your own handwriting and not do it on a keyboard. It helps you connect in a much deeper way.

A few times during the day, read what you have written and take the time to see how it makes you feel. Allow the exuberance to wash over you and fill your body, all the way to your heart. Feel how wonderful it is to experience what it is like to have all your desires realized and see the achievement of your goals.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s really going on and/or if it’s just in your mind. So visualization is a strong tool to shift your energy. It is well known that daily visualization is hugely important in the manifestation of your goals and dreams. Elite athletes utilize the power of visualization. When you visualize, you actually stimulate the same brain regions as though you are physically performing that same action.

Here’s a little game you can play: When you go about your day, play the role of your dream self, as if you are an academy award-winning actor. When difficult situations come up, have your actor-self handle it with ease, because you are a great success and the little irritations of life mean nothing to you. You have such bigger fish to fry!

You are so much more than your thoughts and emotions. You are not at their mercy and you have the power to change them. Say to yourself: "I have the power to change my thoughts, moods, and feelings." Guess what? That’s the truth!


Lastly, be gentle with yourself. The negative vibrations you have been living with have spent many years in your energy system. When you find yourself falling into too familiar, old territory, remember that every single moment is an opportunity to move in the direction of your goals and dreams. Then you can shift your energy and pay attention to them.

Look for How to Shift Your Energy, Part II next week, where we will go into processes that can help you much more deeply. You’ll even learn some tools that create permanent transformations!!!

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