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How Your Wounds Become Your Win!

Being here on Earth at this time, you probably have some issues or wounds that need healing in order for your soul to evolve: We need to grow into embracing love, compassion, understanding, thoughtfulness and responsibility, so you can experience a fulfilled life with Joy.

Almost everyone has wounds that get in our way somehow. They frequently are deeply-rooted trauma or grief that comes from incidents in our past, mostly from our childhood, that we cannot seem to heal. These wounds create pain that we carry with us and have a hard time letting go of, so we keep lugging them around.

For many people, the pandemic is exaggerating some of the wounds we have and our reactions to annoying situations. Over time I’ve come to believe that none of us can avoid pain and suffering permanently. Life does seem to hand each of us different forms of heartache. I believe that in each lifetime our guides and our Higher Self make a plan to give us lessons, which helps us in our Divine transformation.

I’ve observed with clients how these experiences pushed them to get healing and therapy, which often softened the edges in an angry disillusioned person with a shielded heart.

Sometimes the healing work pushed a sensitive victim to become stronger and more mature in order to handle the numerous and varied life events and situations.

Life is really the Big School that we all come through and evolve to our next stage by developing different ways for us to live and respond to situations. For most of us, the greatest pain is held underneath, deep inside where we can hide from it for many years, until we finally can no longer do that.

Being an empath with a borderline mother, childhood was pure torture for me. So many words were like knives into my heart and soul. My passive father was incapable of protecting my sister and me from my mother’s viciousness. I took on some of that tough bitch programming (which I hated in my mother) passed down to me and then have spent years unwinding my pain and anger through the many different healing modalities I have trained in.

What truly opens people more deeply is when they experience some sort of break, such as a breakdown or it’s a breakup with a partner. There is often an experience where all of what we thought would work, doesn’t. You thought you were doing a good job at work and you got fired. These things happen because you have been living life on auto-pilot; you didn’t notice your partner was unhappy and you were shocked when they wanted a divorce or to leave.

Think of the Hindu deity named Akhilandeshvari, or The Goddess of Never Not Broken. This Goddess has the ability to come together and fall apart, over and over again. She breaks apart in order to come back together as a more powerful entity. It is because she is able to break apart that she is so powerful. We have that ability (in a spiritual and an emotional way) to do that too.

Through my own experiences and those of many clients, I’ve come to recognize that at some point most of us experience falling apart, breaking down. When we acknowledge and express our wounds with family, friends, or our partners, it can often lead to greater closeness. It helps us make connections in friendships, especially for women. It does come more naturally for women to share.

By becoming conscious of our wounds and how they impact our relationships, we diminish the impact they have on us. The wounds don’t occupy as large a space inside us.

Here are some scenarios from a client couple I worked with: The gentleman’s father, who was a Marine, was relentless on him about being stronger and tougher. Even though he is a successful salesman, what he really wanted to do was woodworking, a field his father did not approve of. His wife had a parent who constantly put her down, so she never felt not good enough. Working with this couple and having them share their experiences with each other, they became more tolerant and compassionate to one another.

This sharing and breaking open allows you both to grow fuller and richer inside. When I realized my greatest power is my ability to be sensitive, caring and loving instead of tough, my life became easier for me. I could relax more and enjoy peace and quiet. I found the depth of connection is more meaningful to me than the number of friends I have. The deepening in my heart has opened new dimensions inside me. I found my healing ability with clients has gotten deeper, as well as creating closer relationships with my friends and family.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

Then we all shall know more peace inside us as well.

Here’s to love, compassion and JOY!

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