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How to Make the Last Quarter the Best of This Year

How to Make the Last Quarter the Best of This Year

Are you in a rut? Do you feel your life is going nowhere or just blah? Maybe overwhelm is a natural state for you these days.

Let’s face it: This year has been a bit challenging for everyone, to say the least. People’s business revenues have gone down; some people are getting sick or fearful of getting sick; children are at home, so parents have to become teachers as well as parents and are going crazy!

We are in the last quarter of this year and we can rewrite the end of our story about 2020.

In order to change our experience, we first have to recognize where we are.

By changing what we have been doing, mentally, physically and energetically, we can transform our lives.

This whole Coronavirus thing has brought to the surface what has been going on inside you. Some people have been able to get closer to family, relatives, friends. Others are feeling much further apart because of the need to social distance.

For many folks, the emotional triggers have increased. Not being able to do our normal activities to release inner tension, those negative emotions build up in us.

That’s when many of you begin to feel stuck. Actually what happens, is we can’t go to the movies, out to dinner in the way we’re used to, dance to release stress or whatever has worked for us before.

Most of us have kind of gotten used to how to do our shopping and get the supplies we need for daily living. However, for many whose jobs ended or revenue has been decreased, money is tighter than it was so you can’t even manage to buy your usual items.

When everyday life takes up so much more energy, many people feel frustration in their lives. Some of their fun things are not the same and they haven’t come up with new ideas or activities to replace them with.

For the 4th quarter of this year, how about exploring ways to make it great? Revisit those New Year’s Goals list you made for the beginning of the year. Notice if there’s anything on your list that you really want to do before the end of this year.

This is the perfect time to make a list as to what you really want to do by the end of this year. Prior to making your list, I suggest getting quiet, going inside and doing a deep meditation. This will assist you in creating a more grounded, meaningful and fulfilled year.

Start by calling in Spirit, your guides, Guardian Angel, the Archangels to be with you and guide you for what is your highest good to accomplish by the end of the year.

What do you want to do or complete that assists you in feeling clear, fulfilled and proud of what you have accomplished in any area of your life? By focusing on that now, you have time to take the necessary action on your journey.

Allow the time to feel Self-Love and to explore inside what you’re passionate about, perhaps even something new that will bring you fun, pleasure, excitement and even JOY.

Perhaps you want to learn something new – Something you have wanted to do your whole life, but never actually did. Give yourself some time for your passion. You definitely deserve it. Here’s the good news: You can learn new things online for free. YouTube has so many amazing classes. Or if classes aren’t for you, get out of the house and going walking or hiking can give you quiet time to reflect.

How about using the end of the year as a reminder to live life more consciously and learn to revitalize yourself, by bringing greater awareness and appreciation for making it through the year?

For too many of us, our normal life is probably a mosaic of hurried motion: constant physical exertion and mental over-activity. Taking some quiet time for yourself is incredibly healing. Most people don’t allow themselves that time; they feel as though they need to be doing something all the time.

By the way, that’s why I believe we wound up having the Coronavirus. I did get this in meditation that Spirit brought it here so we all get much more quiet, stop over-working, and recognize what really is important to us. So allow the quiet time to enrich you, instead of resenting it.

Taking quiet, meditative time for yourself can actually make you more productive. We so often feel “guilty” if we take time for ourselves, but I found it’s really necessary.

I want you to consider this quote by Ernest Holmes,

It should be considered right to live and enjoy living. To be well, happy, and to express freedom.”

Think about this: doing things that make you happy and fulfilled is what brings greater success in all area of your life. It’s the energy of love, compassion and passion that creates a better world for all!

Here are a few tips for a better 4th quarter of 2020:

Review your accomplishments of this year (and you do have some), then give yourself credit for them. Take time to reflect on what you really want, what you have to done to achieve your goals, what isn’t working, what is working, etc. Come up with strategies for achieving your goals. Give yourself some time for your passion. It’s all right – Life can inspire you.

What you may need at the end of year, more than anything else, is time away from your normal doing life. You may be surprised how refreshing it feels to be unplugged from all of your usual stimulation.

Give yourself some time away from constant doing and allow yourself to feel good with simply Being. Take at least 10 minutes at the end of your day, and just sit quietly without doing anything. Go into what felt good for you or even really good for you on this day.

For all you Type As out there, there is reevaluation and reorganizing. What’s successful and what isn’t? But again before you do this, I highly recommend you get quiet and meditate on what’s next for you.

I know, with a few changes, the last quarter of 2020 can be spectacular for all of you. It’s my dream for everyone.

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